China, we’re coming!

We are currently between Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, in the middle of the battle of race 7. It looks good for us, but there are still almost 2000 miles to go until we arrive in Sanya, China. In the last days we are fighting for the lead with the Teams Qingdao, PSP Logistics and Sanya Serenity Coast. The latter is the host port partner for our first China destination. From there we head on up to Qingdao in Northern China.

Find the positive

But our competitors are not the only big challenge we’re currently facing. Again, and like race 1 it’s the heat that makes us suffer a lot. Down under we had a 20 minutes sun burn guarantee if insufficient sunscreen was applied. Now above the Equator in tropical conditions it’s the humidity with high temperatures, which is a quite unpleasant combo – without AC or pool to jump in. Below deck it’s up to 40° hot. However, I learnt during this trip that everything comes with some positives, just find them. In this case it’s the short time from wake up until watch start. Here for 10 minutes are enough, compared to putting several layers in colder legs which takes 30 minutes, depending on the conditions. Unfortunately, there is not much use for the extra sleeping time, it’s just too hot to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours. However, I knew that we will be out of our comfort zone during this trip, it’s the experience that counts.

In about 4 days we will leave the Philippines to our port side and enter the South China Sea. Internationally known for piracy. We have some precaution actions we can take to mitigate the risk, but mainly we are hoping that they keep on focusing on commercial shipping and leave us alone. Let’s keep the fingers crossed. ?