I’m currently sitting in the airplane. I’m travelling from Zurich via Abu Dhabi to Perth, Australia. From Perth it’s just a short trip by car to Fremantle. There I’ll join Team Dare to Lead, to continue racing. The fleet will leave Fremantle on December 2nd and will take around two weeks to arrive in Sydney.

It’s been very interesting and turbulent three months.

Since the race start in Liverpool we had three different skippers due to a heavy accident. We won two races and an ocean sprint, played the joker for double points and run then aground at Cape Hope. After the evacuation by the coast guard and having our boat destroyed by the reef and waves it was not sure at all, whether my journey goes on. This question I asked myself for the second time after our emergency stop in Porto due to Dave’s accident. In the meanwhile, I found out it goes on. Always.

After some weeks in Cape Town and 10 days of vacation back home in Switzerland I am now very excited to join the new team. I am also very happy that my project lives on. Not only because of my adventure and experience. More important also to keep telling the world about the serious problem we have with plastic.

By the way…

…according to the latest updates I have is our boat currently being taken apart and removed from the beach. I keep my fingers crossed that this happens with fewest possible emissions, but I can only trust the professionals performing the job.