I’m currently sitting in our team house, wait – in the Greenings team house we booked some time ago. Some time ago when Team Greenings still existed. In the mean time I have joined Team Dare to Lead and we already sailed together from Fremantle to Sydney. Still it is very nice to be in a house with my former team mates, we still feel very connected.

The challenges in a new team

But it’s also time to look forward and back in Fremantle skipper Dale Smyth asked me to be one of the two watch leaders, of course I answered positively. Although it was not always easy to be a new team member in such a role, especially without knowing the team and their skills well. Hence these first two weeks were quite a challenge. But now I can say that just because things are different, they are not necessarily bad and we are on a good way with Dare to Lead.

This journey took 13 days and some hours and resulted in the 5th place for us (Overall we are joint second with Team Sanya). After some southern ocean conditions we had to round the bottom of Tasmania. Hence we sailed as far down as 44.5° south. Once we rounded Tazi, the weather changed massively. We had to fight against inconsistent and sometimes in-existent winds. Quite frustrating when you think you’re almost there but in fact not at all.


The iconic Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race

We arrived to Sydney about 10 days ago and had a very special stopover. On one hand Sydney is a very interesting and entertaining city. On the other side there is the spirit of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race around. This race is one of the toughest and most difficult ocean races in the world – and we take part! Since 1945 it starts traditionally every year on boxing day. It leads from Sydney down to Hobart, Tasmania, crossing the notorious Bass Strait. The safety standards for this race are extremely high, especially since the dark year 1998, where in a storm with up to 80 knots wind (150 km/h) six sailors died and several boats sunk. Anyhow, we are prepared and ready for this bucket list race!