I just had a last swim in the hotel pool. The daily swim helped to stay cool in a hot and humid Sanya. The race here was as I mentioned a torture through heat. Still we had a good spirit on board and we managed to sail fast. We finished the race on the second place. A key moment was a few hours before we crossed the finish line. We were sailing downwind in light winds, flying our biggest spinnaker code 1.

The weather then changed suddenly and we were steaming with about 15 knots average speed towards the last way point. On the edge, in 30 knots of wind with a spinnaker for light winds. We could hold the spinnaker up for around an hour, making good gains on the direct competitors Qingdao and Sanya. Just as we decided to take the spinnaker down, it could not withstand the forces anymore and the sail literally ended up in smoke. A high price we paid, but as we know it paid off.

In Sanya we were welcomed very warmly. The organised events were full of attractions and local customs. A pity that the gap between the Chinese and our culture is so big, or rather the communication differences so big. I would have loved to get to know China a bit better. But English is very rare and ordering food, for example, very often lottery.

From hot to cold

Tomorrow we are slipping lines and race up to Qingdao. With the monsoon winds and the currents, we can expect a rather rough race, with a lot of upwind beating. Also, the temperatures will drop massively. On the last race some boats sailed through blizzards. My warm base and mid-layers are ready to go. I’m not sure whether I prefer the hot or cold legs. Anyhow, cannot be chosen and a rehearsal for the might pacific on the leg after might be a good thing.