What is The Race of my Life?

TROML is theproject website of Matthias, a Clipper Round the World Yacht Race crew member. It’s a blog and information platform where you can follow him in his biggest adventure. The official race website can be found here.

What is The Ocean Cleanup?

TOC is a project founded in 2013 by Bojan Slat who has the vision to physically clean the oceans from trash. In the meantime plenty of big players support the project, which currently employs 50+ staff. More info can be found on their website: www.theoceancleanup.com.

What is the relationship between The Race of my Life (TROML) and The Ocean Cleanup (TOC)?

Matthias acts as an independent supporter of The Ocean Cleanup. There is no partnership agreement in place.

Why did TROML decide to support TOC?

Matthias was fascinated by the founders idealism and tenacity and from the very start he did not have to think about this decision for a second.

What is the money I donate to TROML used for?

TROML needs to fund the participation fee, equipment, satcom, flights and others. Your donation helps to realize the project and will also benefit TOC by increasing awareness and funds raised.

Donations made through the TROML website (Paypal, IBAN, etc.) benefit 100% TROML, until the project is funded 100%. Once donations overshoot the project budget, it will be communicate accordingly and made sure every cent above will be donated to TOC. TROML is not profit oriented!

If you donate through a crowd funding initiative, 50% of all funds will go to TOC.

If you want to donate to TOC direclty and only, please use the link here.

When does the race start?

The race starts in late August and will last for 11 month. The exact schedule and harbors will be announced in April.

How can I support The Race of my Life?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact TROML using the contact form.

Donations can be made via various channels, therefore please go here. Even very small amounts are helpful and highly appreciated!

Other than financial support is also highly appreciated. Spread the word, follow the social media and contribute with liking/sharing/commenting.


Can I order some flyers?

To order some flyers or posters please contact TROML.

With any further questions, please contact me!