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In 2017 I will start for the race of my life and will take part to the Clipper Round the World sailing regatta. As an unofficial ambassador of The Ocean Cleanup my goal is to make people aware of our heavily polluted oceans. In my blog I’ll write about broken masts and bones, salty water and sun in our faces, about visits of blue whales and helicopters and the life in a 20 people team on a 70-foot race yacht. After some extensive crew training my team and I will be sailing for 11 month through all oceans and their conditions. I hope you enjoy reading!

Matthias Eigenmann

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The Northern Pacific is crossed – we made it

When I write this we just crossed the finishing line a few hours ago, after crossing the Northern Pacific. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel, the last month was an absolute roller coaster. On one hand I am pleased to be across that line. On the other hand we...
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Another Day at the Office

We just crossed the international Dateline and have around 2’500 nautical miles to go to Seattle. Currently we live the daily Another Day at the Office – we got used to the condensation drips from the ceilng and the fact, that our clothes dry best while we wear...
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Fishing Fleet Slalom and other challenges

The last race had it all: The heat (again), freezing cold, thousands of fishing boats, nets in our rudders, wind holes, heavy winds, downwind and upwind sailing, sleep deprivation und most important fun. Keep smiling, or try at least It was not always fun, especially...
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First podium with Team Dare to Lead

I just had a last swim in the hotel pool. The daily swim helped to stay cool in a hot and humid Sanya. The race here was as I mentioned a torture through heat. Still we had a good spirit on board and we managed to sail fast. We finished the race on the second place. A...
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We’re on our way to China!

China, we’re coming! We are currently between Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, in the middle of the battle of race 7. It looks good for us, but there are still almost 2000 miles to go until we arrive in Sanya, China. In the last days we are fighting for the lead...
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Looking forward to Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race

I’m currently sitting in our team house, wait – in the Greenings team house we booked some time ago. Some time ago when Team Greenings still existed. In the mean time I have joined Team Dare to Lead and we already sailed together from Fremantle to Sydney....
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I’m currently sitting in the airplane. I’m travelling from Zurich via Abu Dhabi to Perth, Australia. From Perth it’s just a short trip by car to Fremantle. There I’ll join Team Dare to Lead, to continue racing. The fleet will leave Fremantle on...
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Busy days in Punta del Este

We are currently half way between Punta del Este and our next destination Cape Town. We had a great stay stopover in Uruguay. The 10 days there where very busy and interesting and we felt welcomed very warmly – a big thank you to the people of Punta.   The...
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About winning the ocean sprint and life at 45°at sea

We are now about 30 days at sea, the longest I have ever been in one row. When I write it’s Sunday September 17th and we are around 100 miles off Brazil, heading down to Uruguay. After some very hard days, almost a week at 45° upwind sailing everyone on board is happy...
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Race start Liverpool – the adventures started

Today we are at sea for 14 days, on our way from Liverpool to Punta del Este, Uruguay. So far, we sailed 3000 nautical miles and have completed 36% of the direct racing distance. We are highly motivated and ready, to react after a shocking experience during after only...
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