We are currently half way between Punta del Este and our next destination Cape Town. We had a great stay stopover in Uruguay. The 10 days there where very busy and interesting and we felt welcomed very warmly – a big thank you to the people of Punta.


The race comes first – only 2 days


Unfortunately, we did not have a lot of time to get to know the local people and customs. On one hand we had a rather short stay due to our Porto pit stop and on the other we got again a new skipper. The second involved more briefings and trainings than planned. Still we got 2 days off, but only few of the team went sightseeing, the rest enjoyed sleeping in, eating fresh food and doing personal admin – just enjoying rare time for themselves. Anyhow, we committed to “first the boat, the race and then personal interests” and the spirit on board as still very good.

The other days we spent deep cleaning the boat. This means every movable part was taken out and washed, followed by repair, maintenance and preparation. This involved for example the engine repair, rope work but also buying food and fixing sails.


Thank you Janina, Arturo & Peter


Luckily the Yacht Club Punta del Este assigned the three good souls Janina, Arturo and Peter to our team. This very helpful trio helped us to find the way around PdE and did several shopping trips for us. Also to mention the company they gave us during some meals. THANK YOU!


We are currently leader in the second race, we just did 321 nautical miles within 24 hours. This is an average of more than 13 knots. We are followed closely by some of our competitors and we know, the race is not over yet and requires more hard work.


For more details check out the race tracker.


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