It has been intense 2 weeks I’ve spent in southern England to prepare for the Clipper Race. For various reasons I’m even more excited about the coming Clipper Race than before. On one side and most important I got to know the Skipper David Hartshorn and some of the team. On the other side we learnt many interesting things. It started on May 20th with the Crew Allocation Day. Several hundred participants gathered for this event in Porthsmouth. Because there latest news on the race track and the teams were announced, followed by team internal get together. After this particular evening I can say – we have a great team! Our Skipper David Hartshorn was allocated the Clipper 70 “CV 24”. Obviously it is a fast boat, it became 4th and 1st in the last two race editions. In conclusion there are definitely plenty of reasons to be excited.

Eat the fish eyes and the skin

The second day of the training we spent in a class room where a survival specialist thought us almost everything about survival at sea. As one example, if one has to abandon ship and ends up in a situation with limited food and water, proteins should not be eaten as they use a lot of water to digest. So if you fish, eat the eyes and skin with less protein, not the meat. The theory session was followed by some hours in a pool. There we practiced the handling of inflatable life rafts and other safety equipment. Although it was fun and very interesting, I hope that we will never use it in reality. The rest of the first week we spent with various different drills and some night sailing in the English Channel.

The first week on my future home “CV 24”

After the level 2 training on the Clipper 68 training boats ended, I moved in on my actual racing boat. The boat I will live on for 11 month – a very special feeling. The yacht is called “CV 24”, it’s a Clipper 70. For the moment we don’t have a signed sponsor yet, hence we are “just” Team David. With our boat we spent the first few days in the Solent, but on day 3 we made our way down to Portland UK. There we spent 2 nights in the Marina, after plenty of day sailing of course. We had very long sailing days and got introduced to the spinnaker sailing on the Seventies. And I’m telling you – this is great fun.

On the last day we sailed all the way downwind from Portland towards the Isle of Wight. After rounding the island we took course back towards the training base in Gosport. After an impressive man over board drill under full sail downwind we were called in to help on a May-Day call. A 13m sailing yacht got dis-masted. As we were the closest boat to the scene we were obliged to head as fast as we could towards the yacht in trouble. In the end we only got close a few miles as the Warship HMS Westminster arrived on the spot a few minutes before us, seems like they have stronger engines.

I am indeed very excited

Anyhow, finally I can say we have great people in our team, a skipper I am more than happy to sail around the world. In addition the “CV 24” is a fast boat. Excitement is indeed very high and I can’t wait to fly back to the UK on 16th for another training session.